Deborah Fellowship

Thursday, May 23rd  at 7:00PM

Community Dinner



11:45 AM

May Donation Drive
June Donation Drive
Old Shawnee Days parade
UWF Executive Board Meeting


AT 10:00AM

Grief share

Mon, March 04, 2024 - Mon, May 27, 2024,

Each Monday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

All women Salad & Dessert Luncheon

Saturday, June15th,

Begins at 11:00AM in Fellowship Hall

Shawnee United Methodist Men
Kids Sunday School

"Shawnee Kids Sunday School"

@ 9:15 a.m. & room 300

Weekly Fellowship Opportunities

Mid-Week Fellowship: Every Wednesday at  6:30 pm via Zoom. 


Coffee and Chat Group

At Shawnee United Methodist Church there is a need for our “Coffee and Chat Group”  to meet and have coffee weekly sharing our faith, growing in the knowledge of Christ through outings such…Read More